Truth be told, majority of the artists and musicians within the music industry are uneducated and DO NOT have a sense of direction. Knowledge is the key to success in any industry and an infinite amount of people are locked outside in the dark. Where are the key holders of light as we continuously swim in this black hole of ignorance? If you seek, you shall find. I attended a free workshop a couple of months ago at the Coffee Loft entitled, “Overstanding the Music Business”. The workshop was hosted and conducted by Da Architec, a talk show host and self publisher who is committed to educating the masses about the business side of the music industry. The program included topics such as, 360 deals, tagging digital music, international music codes, how to collect digital royalties, monetizing music and digital distribution. I had the opportunity to speak with Da Architec after the function and he was serious about raising awareness about what’s going on within the music industry and how artists should take advantage of the resources available to them and begin creating their own destinies. I also received a copy of his book entitled, “Overstanding the Music Business”. The book goes more into detail about marketing and promotion, digital distribution, digital music rights and tracking digital music. If you’re an artist who wants to overstand the business aspect of the music industry, check out Street College, an organization blackprinted in 2001 by Amen (American Music Education Network)Inc. and scribed by Da Architec, to purchase the e-lesson, “Overstanding the Music Business”. Also tune into Da Architec’s talk radio show, The Digital Record Label Talk Radio Show.  

Below are some questions posed in the “Overstanding the Music Business” ebook. How knowledgeable are you about the business aspect of the music business?

1.What is SoundExchange?
2.A production deal is when a producer and major label split profit after all expenses? (True or False)
3.What is Brick and Mortar?
4.Barcodes and ISRC codes are the same. (True or False)
5.A record pool is a network of DJs. (True or False)

Check out Da Architec and Street College 
Radio Show


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