Mood's Music 04/18/2009

“Through its spirit of creativity and commitment to music, Moods Music is a cornerstone of the art movement renaissance.” – Kemi Bennings

In my article, “Requiem for a Record Store”, I addressed how declining record sales are affecting major and independent record stores across the US. Even though buying and downloading music online is convenient for consumers, I pleaded with music fans stating that record stores still play an integral part of our lives in how we explore, discover and purchase new music. In the Atlanta area, record stores are flourishing, but there are a few that remain. Moods Music is a mom & pop store in the heart of Little 5 Points that has the best selection of eclectic and ambient music ranging from Acid Jazz, Soulful House, Brokenbeat, Afrobeat, Latin, Hip Hop, Neo Soul and Reggae. I’ve had the opportunity to check out the store on a couple of occasions and I have to tell you, the experience is worth while. First and foremost, the music selection is unmatched. I scanned the rack and saw releases that are hard to find or are only released overseas. The genres of music that flood the store are in alignment with my musical tastes. Another gem they carried, which excited the mind, was magazines that I enjoy reading and love. One of them is Waxpoetics, a magazine of stories from soul, jazz and funk-era legends, rarefied grooves and advertisements of independent album releases, online record stores and brand names that cater to the underground market. Aside from the music and magazines, Moods Music has their own branded t-shirts that they sell and a wide selection of black soaps, essentials oils and incense. From the soulful music that plays in the backdrop to the melodic atmosphere that sooths your soul, Moods Music is sure to put you in the mood to kick back and explore the many gems they have to offer. If you’re ever in the Little 5 Points area, be sure to check out Moods Music. SHOW LOVE & SUPPORT TO YOUR LOCAL RECORD STORES!

Here’s a piece written by Kemi Bennings poetically describing the experience when entering Moods Music
Sounds that immediately penetrate your soul
A funky fusion of acid, afro-cuban, jazzy, house, rare grooves
that make your hips move and sway like they never have before,
and in that instant, The Bazaar’s hallways become a dance floor –
An open door portal to heaven –
Ascension to peace on earth –
And for a moment in time you drift away,
giving birth to the brightness of a new day
You stay a while, but only long enough to see the child – in you
the smile – in you
A mood that sets you free

Moods Music
1130 Euclid Avenue
Little 5 points
Atlanta, GA 30307



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