In today’s saturated music market, you must have more than presence on and offline, a strong will to network and promote, quality music and a true following to survive as an artist. The one and most important element that most artists overlook when sustaining longevity is having knowledge. Educating yourself about the music industry is vital when venturing in the business. I’m apart of the I dO Music group on Facebook and there was an interesting discussion dealing with educating yourself about the business and knowing what you want when approaching a major label. Here’s a quote from my response to the post:

“While talking to the majors, they should be telling them what they need in terms of expanding their platform. It's the same as a business proposal. You should have everything mapped out to assure that you're worth the representation and investment.”

In association with PatchWerk Studios, Atlanta’s premiere recording facility, I dO Music is an outlet for up and coming musicians, producers, songwriters, managers and anyone who is involved in the music business. As stated on their Facebook page:

“Their goal is to position I dO Music! as a resource like none other...a resource that connects YOU (the musician) to EVERYTHING & EVERYONE that can be an asset to you in your music career.”

If you want to network and mingle with industry insiders and the best talent in the Atlanta, I dO Music hosts an ongoing event at Apache Café every 1st Thursday of the month respectively called, I dO Music. This Thursday, March 5th, through Sunday, March 8th,  PatchWerk Studios will host “Music University 6” at their recording facility. Below is a video from an I dO Music event, which took place last July.



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