I recently gave a lecture about the future of music, which was aimed at providing concepts, information and resources to music fansartists and labels to apply and establish a stronger foundation and position themselves to endure the infinite possibilities and opportunities awaiting them. I feel that it’s very important to understand and embrace the essence of change because this is the perfect opportunity for you to seize the moment. Everything is going through transition right now, from our economy to the music industry to our way of life.As a music futurist I incorporate integral philosophy as the framework for my research, which in turn produces sound solutions and thought provoking predictions. In my lecture, I laid out a road map that could hopefully shape the music industry of tomorrow. Below is an outline to road map I’ve constructed:

Music Fan
.Discovering new music
.Creating conversation and communities around the music
.Future Outlook
    .Future magazines publishers
    .Future radio stations
    .Future music video channels

Music Artist
.Adding value to your music
.Building web presence and relationships w/ your fans.
. Future Outlook
     .Music subscriptions
     .House and/or Community concerts
     .Virtual Reality

Music Label
.The 3 E's (Embrace/Engage/Empower)
.Establishing a market for the community
.Future Outlook
     .Open Access Platforms
     .All Digital Music Conglomerate

With the music fan, assisting them with discovering new music, which will in turn help them to redefine their musical taste, will cause them to create conversation (word of mouth) and social communities around the music they love. We’re seeing this take shape now as social media has allowed people to do so. I conclude as more people are introduced to sites such as Last.fmimeem,IssuuPodomatic, and Muzu TV, they will be the ones to create in demand online music magazines, radio shows and music video channels.

With music artists, I will share with them new concepts and models to add more value to their music, thus creating a musical experience. This in turn will help them to build web presence and deeper relationships with their fans. With new concepts, models, outlets and platforms that will add quality and attract a wider audience for the artist, I feel this would open the door for music subscriptionsinstead of depending solely on album sales, touring opportunities at house and/or community concerts, and virtual reality experiences on sites such Second Life and/or Machinima.

With music labels, I will stress the importance of embracing change, engaging with your community, and empowering the world. I feel that this would set the stage for establishing a deeply rooted and sound market, which would involve the acceptance of sharing music, 360 degree deals that are fair and ethical, and establishing relationships with online personnel (bloggers, podcasters, vodcasters, cyber pr firms, etc.). I conclude that this would pave the way for open access platforms where music fans, artists, and labels work together and share in the wealth, and create all digital music conglomerates that will operate solely online.

As I become more involved in the industry, delve deeper into my research, and continue to pay close attention to the emerging trends and advancing technologies, the road map that I’ve laid out for you today will become more precise and valuable over time. I am currently working on an eBook which would expand on the outline above in more detail. If you’re a music fan, artist, or label who wants to understand the essence of change, wants to know what the future has in store for the music industry, and position yourself for success, I suggest that you subscribe to my channels below.our new blog post. Click here and start typing, or drag in elements from the top bar.
Truth be told, majority of the artists and musicians within the music industry are uneducated and DO NOT have a sense of direction. Knowledge is the key to success in any industry and an infinite amount of people are locked outside in the dark. Where are the key holders of light as we continuously swim in this black hole of ignorance? If you seek, you shall find. I attended a free workshop a couple of months ago at the Coffee Loft entitled, “Overstanding the Music Business”. The workshop was hosted and conducted by Da Architec, a talk show host and self publisher who is committed to educating the masses about the business side of the music industry. The program included topics such as, 360 deals, tagging digital music, international music codes, how to collect digital royalties, monetizing music and digital distribution. I had the opportunity to speak with Da Architec after the function and he was serious about raising awareness about what’s going on within the music industry and how artists should take advantage of the resources available to them and begin creating their own destinies. I also received a copy of his book entitled, “Overstanding the Music Business”. The book goes more into detail about marketing and promotion, digital distribution, digital music rights and tracking digital music. If you’re an artist who wants to overstand the business aspect of the music industry, check out Street College, an organization blackprinted in 2001 by Amen (American Music Education Network)Inc. and scribed by Da Architec, to purchase the e-lesson, “Overstanding the Music Business”. Also tune into Da Architec’s talk radio show, The Digital Record Label Talk Radio Show.  

Below are some questions posed in the “Overstanding the Music Business” ebook. How knowledgeable are you about the business aspect of the music business?

1.What is SoundExchange?
2.A production deal is when a producer and major label split profit after all expenses? (True or False)
3.What is Brick and Mortar?
4.Barcodes and ISRC codes are the same. (True or False)
5.A record pool is a network of DJs. (True or False)

Check out Da Architec and Street College 
Radio Show
"I try to come up with concepts that haven’t been addressed, or haven’t been said in the way it needs to be said. I like to sing about real issues that people either ignore or shy away from."

Words cannot describe how I felt when I read about and heard the vibrant and soothing sounds of Daniel Moore. I exhaled a breath of fresh air for the mere fact that there’s still “feel good” music being produced by an artist who wants to take music to a higher threshold.  Today, songwriters, musicians and producers settle for the luxuries of contentment even though the standards to create quality music with substance are set too low.  As a conceptual and ingenious thinker, Daniel Moore not only raises the bar, he sets the standards to heights most of the greatest songwriters and musicians of our time would appreciate. To be mentioned in the same breath as legends, better yet, to be considered a legend takes more than passion, commitment and a love for the art. It also requires an innovative mind, leadership and the ability to execute. With the accolades Daniel has received throughout his career and being credited for finding the “pulse of the people” as Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway, Bob Marley and John Lennon have done, you would think that he has been producing hit records for over a decade. Although he has worked behind the scenes, writing songs for TLC and Ciara; producing tracks for Jennifer Holiday and Sha Simpson; and sharing the stage with Cee Lo and Michael McDonald; Daniel is preparing for the release of his debut album, “Thinking Out Loud”. The title alone gives the impression that we’re going to receive a music experience about a man who is being honest with himself and the listener, expressing his emotions from all angles, and finding a sense of acceptance through melody. Music is therapeutic and I’m betting that this album will give both Daniel and the listener a feeling of relief after embracing the healing powers of harmony. I see a future of prosperity and great art from a man who transcends words and leaves you speechless, feeling his message.

I had the opportunity to interview the man behind the scenes. Here is what he had to say regarding his inspirations, career and the future of music and the Atlanta music community.

Who is Daniel Moore? 
Hmm…I’m really a simple artist that believes in the power of good music!!!

What inspires you to write? 
I’m CONSTANTLY inspired by writers from all generes of music, Sam Cooke, Bob Dylan, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Winans, James Taylor, Diane Warren, Sarah McCoulgan, etc. Just yesterday I heard a song from Charlie Singleton, “if God were a woman, I’d be a better man..." that STILL has me on Cloud 9!!!

As a song writer, how do you go about writing a song? 
Most of the time I begin with a concept!!! I try to use real life scenarios that people can relate too, but aren’t too common. Then comes the melody. Most people wouldn’t believe that I go in the studio most times with a FULL song without having touched a keyboard…LOL!

When and how did you get your start in the industry? 
I was in college at the Hart School of Music, where I met my current manager, Linda Casey. She’s Brandon & Brian’s mom from Jagged Edge. So we (Corna Boyz) started working with them and a group called “Anjel,” which consisted of Latoya Luckett and Latavia Robertson (formely of Destiny’s Child). From there I went on to work, write and arrange for several artist and producers from TLC, Rodney Jerkins, Ciara, Jennifer Holliday, and a host of others.

What sets you apart from other artists?
I’m not sure any “one” thing sets me apart from anyone. People say, I’m an “Old Soul.” I think that means, that I’m one few artist left that still believe in the integrity of GREAT MUSIC, and not so focused on just making hits, I love being a musician.
Why do you feel singers shy away from certain topics and/or concepts?
Because the object of the music “game” is to write a hit “record,” not necessarily a good “song.” The safest way to go about that is not to reinvent the wheel, just do what works.  Just that leaves an open door for me…LOL. Someone once said, “If you shoot for the impossible, you’ll have little competition!!!”

What other ventures do you involve yourself with other than music?
I have a goal of starting a scholarship fund for students who are ready to become entrepreneurs. Tho I do believe that higher education is important, we can’t deny the success of people like Bill Gates and others that just had brilliant plans and execution. So, if you’ve written a business plan that makes sense, this program would give you the start up money.

How are you helping to preserve the future of music?
Simply by not focusing solely on writing hit records, but writing good songs. I want to put focus back on content and musicality.

What are your thoughts about the Atlanta music community?
It’s my hope that Atlanta will get behind one another to help bring to the masses all the hidden talent that lives here.

Watch the video for Daniel Moore’s “Better”

LC Management LLC
Linda Casey

Entertainment Consultant
The G3 Agency
Greg "G Gleezy" Glaze

KPJ Entertainment
Kindra Parker

581 Booking


My mother once asked me, "Do you know what the saddest thing would be?" And of course I said, "No." And she answered, "The saddest thing would be if the world never got a chance to hear you or see you perform." I weeped like a baby and vowed to never forget her words.

When you think of progressive artists in the music industry very few names come to mind. When I use the word “progressive”, I’m not speaking of success measured in album sales or money. I’m speaking about artists who evolve musically and are able to find balance with their music, blend it in with the times, and set new trends and standards for the industry, while making music for the love of the art. Aside from well known acts or geniuses, do you know of any new and/or local artists of that stature? Red Maiden, one of Atlanta’s rare gems in the music community, fills that void as she breathes new life into a dying culture. What makes her unique? The chemistry between the music, the depth and content of her words and her delivery is what I identified with when I listened to her songs. After listening to a decade worth of material from Red Maiden, I was left in awe for the simple fact that she has stood the test of time to deliver powerful and thought provoking music. The new songs from her soon to be released debut album prove that she is not afraid to experiment with different sounds and explore new heights. Her ability to skillfully transition between rapping, singing, and producing is also much needed in today’s one dimensional music market. If diversity is the key to the future, Red Maiden is in the process of unlocking the wisdom, strength, beauty and magic our past ancestors represented. If you want to hear music from Red Maiden, check her out on MySpace and/or Soul Commune.  To hear her latest track “Last Words”, check her out on iRule Atlanta Radio (Music Mix #1). Below is an interview with Red Maiden.

What is the meaning behind the name Red Maiden?
Red stands for the bloodline and bloodshed of our ancestors so their lives will not be lost in vain.
Maiden brings awareness to all living things to show there is not one cloud without a raindrop.

Who is Red Maiden?
Red Maiden is a genius Songwriter and Performing Artist who loves to share her world wide perspectives on stage and film.
Red Maiden is a World Phenomenon.

When did you start writing music?
I started writing and arranging music at the innocent age of 10. My first performance was at the tender age of 5 - my Auntie wrote my songs.

First song lyrics:Please slow the beat a bit for these words I have to say
Are words of wisdom
Are words of wit
That just might make your day
Being a young black woman you see, I'm very proud to be
I wouldn't change it if I had my say
I wouldn't change it any other way
Attributes of Chisolm in me
Some Giovonni too
Pitman, Tubman, Bethune you see
I can be anything I desire to be
This fact I know so well
If I believe
Conceive it
I surely will receive it
There's nothing I can't do
And if it is to be, it is up to me
It is truly up to me
You can't just have a dream
But you must work your dream
And it will work for you

And my little self rocked stages with this particular song/rap - Real talk! :) I can't believe I still remember it. LOL!

Who have been your influences (musical or non musical)?
My initial and closest influences in my musical career has been my Auntie Oogie and my mother. They formed a gospel group called, "Harmonies of Coy" - Named after my Great-Grandaddy Coy Wolf.

Signed Artists who I listen/ed to over and over again are:
Michael Jackson, Prince, Eric B and Rakim, Tupac, Sade, Whitney Houston, OutKast, Jill Scott, Pointer Sisters, Mother's Finest, Stevie Wonder, Mahalia, Nina Simone, Billy Holliday, Phyllis Hyman, Nirvana, Counting Crows, Fugees/L Boogie, Portis Head, Bjork, Digital Underground, Left Eye - Supernova, Eryka Badu and Talib Kweli.

My father calls me "The Torch of Sade" 

What inspires you to write?
I get this feeling like you know when your sleepy or hungry - I know when it is time to write. It's difficult to explain because it is such a natural feeling. 
What sets you apart from other artists?
I don't know how stars can compare themselves to other stars in galaxies, but the Sun is the largest star in our galaxy. So since I am not the largest star and don't have an answer to how stars compare themselves, I will have to say there is just something about me that shines so bright inside of me that I illuminate it's greatness. Therefore, I am only greater than those who have not recognized their own greatness

What other ventures do you involve yourself with other than music?
Periodically, I am invited to speak in front of high risk young adults about the importance of tapping into self and making choices. Between time, public schools and private organizations contract me to teach song writing techniques to their students. Most of the time, I make films, edit, and score them.

How are you helping to preserve the future of music?
I make music that specifically preserves the future of music. So I make sure my music does not leave anyone out. If there is something good to say, then there is something bad to say. I believe musical works/songs should promote balance. It is not fair to leave a listener trapped in an emotion. I believe a song should devote itself to relating and liberating the listener at all times. That way, the next songs to come have room to evolve.  
What are your thoughts about the Atlanta music community?
I think the Atlanta Music Community is very influential on all cultures around the world. ATL is where trendsetting is born. So if the ATL Music Community makes selling drugs, pimping, killing, getting high and stripping a trend, then the world will reflect its trend. If the ATL Music Community makes peace, love, and black economics a trend, then the world will reflect its trend as well. Therefore I believe the ATL Music Community has to be careful with how they use their power. For the most part, ATL is filled with so much talent and I have learned from soo many of them. I have nothing but love to give to the ATL Music Community.
When can we expect the release of your debut album?
The new album will be complete by Jan 1st. The listening party will be at Moods Music in Little 5 Points. I didn't want to rush my product because there is a lot of blood, sweat and tears in this project. Since this is my shot to be seen and heard, I want to prepared for that specific moment. 60% of this project is considered done. This project is going to be something really special.

My mother once asked me, "Do you know what the saddest thing would be?" And of course I said, "No." And she answered, "The saddest thing would be if the world never got a chance to hear you or see you perform." I weeped like a baby and vowed to never forget her words.

Listen to Red Maiden's, “Rom Confide” 


Engaging your fans, building long term relationships and giving them a valuable music experience are the key factors for success in today’s music industry both on and offline. With these factors in mind, offline success can be measured by the amount of loyal fans that show support at your shows, buy your album and merchandise and help spread the word about your music.  Online success can be measured by…..How many friends you have on MySpace and Facebook? How many followers you have on Twitter? What about the amount of hits you have on Reverb Nation? Although these factors are relevant (to an extent), we need some type of platform that can measure variables such as how many people downloaded, shared or recommended your song, subscribed to your blog or video channel and who is talking about you on the web. This information is critical because it helps the artists in finding their demographic to being to build relationships with that market. Indie Music Tech, a music technology company based in Atlanta, GA, is providing the resources for music artists to engage, build and succeed. The founder, Duncan Freeman, has a series of projects that he wants to release under the Indie Music Tech brand. The first of several projects, released in August of 2007, is the IMT blog, whose aim is to discuss the next generation of Internet products and services that are enabling the indie music industry, and how artists can effectively utilize this kind of technology to market and promote their music. The second venture, released in private beta in September of 2008, is Band Metrics, a semantic web application for the music industry that collects, analyzes and displays dynamic popularity and trends about musicians and bands. As the web becomes more intelligent, it is important to stay in tune with information such as what IMT provides and experiment with applications such as Band Metrics because it will play vital role in your music career.


“Through its spirit of creativity and commitment to music, Moods Music is a cornerstone of the art movement renaissance.” – Kemi Bennings

In my article, “Requiem for a Record Store”, I addressed how declining record sales are affecting major and independent record stores across the US. Even though buying and downloading music online is convenient for consumers, I pleaded with music fans stating that record stores still play an integral part of our lives in how we explore, discover and purchase new music. In the Atlanta area, record stores are flourishing, but there are a few that remain. Moods Music is a mom & pop store in the heart of Little 5 Points that has the best selection of eclectic and ambient music ranging from Acid Jazz, Soulful House, Brokenbeat, Afrobeat, Latin, Hip Hop, Neo Soul and Reggae. I’ve had the opportunity to check out the store on a couple of occasions and I have to tell you, the experience is worth while. First and foremost, the music selection is unmatched. I scanned the rack and saw releases that are hard to find or are only released overseas. The genres of music that flood the store are in alignment with my musical tastes. Another gem they carried, which excited the mind, was magazines that I enjoy reading and love. One of them is Waxpoetics, a magazine of stories from soul, jazz and funk-era legends, rarefied grooves and advertisements of independent album releases, online record stores and brand names that cater to the underground market. Aside from the music and magazines, Moods Music has their own branded t-shirts that they sell and a wide selection of black soaps, essentials oils and incense. From the soulful music that plays in the backdrop to the melodic atmosphere that sooths your soul, Moods Music is sure to put you in the mood to kick back and explore the many gems they have to offer. If you’re ever in the Little 5 Points area, be sure to check out Moods Music. SHOW LOVE & SUPPORT TO YOUR LOCAL RECORD STORES!

Here’s a piece written by Kemi Bennings poetically describing the experience when entering Moods Music
Sounds that immediately penetrate your soul
A funky fusion of acid, afro-cuban, jazzy, house, rare grooves
that make your hips move and sway like they never have before,
and in that instant, The Bazaar’s hallways become a dance floor –
An open door portal to heaven –
Ascension to peace on earth –
And for a moment in time you drift away,
giving birth to the brightness of a new day
You stay a while, but only long enough to see the child – in you
the smile – in you
A mood that sets you free

Moods Music
1130 Euclid Avenue
Little 5 points
Atlanta, GA 30307
Em: moodsmusic@aol.com
Ws: www.moodsmusic.net


Rita J – "The Artist Workshop"

I was first introduced to Rita J by a close friend of mine, Dotnificent. We were talking about female emcees and I mentioned that I had finished writing an article about Stacy Epps. He replied that he had heard of Stacy and mentioned Rita J in the same breath. Due to his super slow internet connection (slower than dial-up), he was desparately trying to connect to her MySpace page to listen to her music. We had a sneak preview (I’m not talking about the album snippet) of her song, “Dreams & Aspirations”. I was instantly blown away by the cadence of her words. I began making a mental checklist. Delivery. Check. Wordplay. Check. Content. Check. She had me!  Female artist in the hip hop community are for the most part clones like their male counterparts. If it’s not violence, it’s sex, if it’s not sex, it’s disrespecting other artists for publicity. So to hear a female artist come along and bring something new to the table is always refreshing. However, if she has class, charisma, substance, wordplay and delivery like Rita J, she has my support as a commited fan. I have dreams and aspirations and as an artist myself, Rita J brings that much needed inspiration to fuel the fire for me to write (and only a few have the ability to do that). Below are what others are saying about Rita J. 

“Hip hop fans desperate for an intelligent, positive, and versatile female MC need to look no further than Rita J”

“In a hip-hop world where female MCs often put skin ahead of artistry, Rita J is a breath of fresh air, and is more than ready to join the ranks of elite female MCs.”

“Her father, who introduced her to a diverse collection of music including hip-hop, soul, disco, and rock, fostered in her a sense of self-knowledge and a love for the arts, which serve as the cornerstones for her work.”

Rita J Live @ Estrojam

Download Rita J – Mrs. Jackson Mixtape

Senor Kaos – "Swagger Is Nothing, Talent Is Everything"

I was first introduced to Senor Kaos a couple of months ago while surfing the net to see what was going on in the Atlanta music community. I stumbled upon The Kaos Effect and Vintage Imperial websites. I saw that Senor Kaos was the person behind the behind the efforts. So I began to search around to see what else Kid Kaos was doing for the community. I found his MySpace page, some press, reviews and watched a clip of him as a panelist at Music University, an event hosted by Patchwerk Studios and I dO Music. I said to myself, “This kid is everywhere!” Fast forward two months, while searching for an artist for this weeks feature, Senor Kaos name popped in my mind. I went back to his site to get some updates. To my surprise, there was a video called “Girls Rock Too”. To be honest, I was skeptic about the title. I said, “Is this a club record?” Well, a wise woman once told me, “Never judge a book by its cover.” I gave it a listen and I was stunned. In a world ruled by male chauvinism, “Girls Rock Too” is an ode to all of the women who have played an important role throughout history and Senor Kaos is acknowledging their worth. For his effort, he receives much respect. From blogging, promoting, being an entrepreneur, recording, performing, lecturing and so on and so on, Senor Kaos definitely deserves acknowledgement for his endeavors. Below are what others are saying about Senor Kaos.

“Content, Delivery, and Showmanship are the three core values for Atlanta emcee Señor Kaos, an emerging lyricist whos unique approach to hip hop has sent him around the Globe.”

“What you are all witnessing is the metamorphosis from a young hopeful to the leader of the new school. Señor Kaos is a true undergound monarch.” – Performer Magazine

“Maybe someday he’ll help lead a revolution of artistic integrity in Hip Hop, but for now he’s an explosive and eclectic force to be reckoned with.” – Southeast Performer Magazine

Senor Kaos – Girls Rock Too (Remix) Video

Download Senor Kaos - Swagger Is Nothing, Talent Is Everything Mixtape


“Business and art are diametrically opposed forces and music has become a business. DJ 1derful attempts to bring the art, the expression to anyone who will listen.” - From DJ 1derful's site

DJ 1derful is the last of a dying breed. In today’s saturated music market, djs, artists, record execs and corporations alike are, for the most part, operating on an egocentric level. They base their decisions on emotion and how the industry can benefit them. Where’s the love? Where’s the compassion? Better yet, where’s the music! Indeed, the business has overshadowed the art form; however, only a selected few are representing the art form despite the temptations of the material world. DJ 1derful is one of those exceptions who expresses his love and bares his soul to the world. I came across his work when I first moved to Atlanta in November. I was desperately searching for clubs, djs, artists and meetup groups that showcased Soulful House, Future Jazz,Lounge and Brokenbeat music. Understanding the New York music scene, these genres of music are the epitome of the dance community.  As far as clubs, djsand artists in Atlanta, these elements are a rarity. However, I found destiny when I stumbled upon DJ 1derful’s, Atlanta’s Deep, Soulful & Classic HouseMusic Meetup Group. From there, I found a link to his website and social networking sites to learn more about his body of work. From links to other artistsand communities, free music streams and downloads and music news, DJ 1derful keeps you “in the know” about what going on in the world of soulful music. Remember, today’s definition of a music fan is different from the traditional perception of what they once represented. Music fans are proactive and involve themselves more in the progression of an artist’s career or a genre of music. DJ 1derful embodies that definition. That is the reason why I featured him in today’s, “Music Fan” section.

Below is DJ 1derful’s Dirty Martini Mix

Ceramic ft. Aisling Stephenson - Broken Dreams (House Remixes) (Ian Friday ‘Tea Party’ Vocal Mix)
Wil Milton & Rodney Carter - Don’t Let Go (Tomorrow’s a Better Day)
BitterSuite - Giant Steps EP (Reflection)
Franck Roger - Father
Loan Souls - Sun Is Shining (Luca Ricci Lounge mix)
Cloud 9 - Midnight Groove
Joey Silvero - A Different Life (Midnight Forever)
Nature Love - Speak Softly (Quad’s Waiting Oooh Mix)
Ralf Gum feat. Diamondancer - All This Love For You (Rocco Spoken Mix)
Neo - A Night In Marseille (Original Blackjazz Mix)
Monsieur Cedric feat. Missy Blue - Music Is (La Musique Reprise)
Deep Ya’ll aka DJ Rico - Sun For Life (Soulful Deep Main Mix)
DJ 3000 & Ursula Rucker - My Sunday Afternoon (Deviant from AIO mix)
Illusive feat. Keely - Summer In September (Main Mix)

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Downoad Right Click / Save as

Visit the Atlanta’s Deep, Soulful & Classic House Music Meetup Group


In today’s saturated music market, you must have more than presence on and offline, a strong will to network and promote, quality music and a true following to survive as an artist. The one and most important element that most artists overlook when sustaining longevity is having knowledge. Educating yourself about the music industry is vital when venturing in the business. I’m apart of the I dO Music group on Facebook and there was an interesting discussion dealing with educating yourself about the business and knowing what you want when approaching a major label. Here’s a quote from my response to the post:

“While talking to the majors, they should be telling them what they need in terms of expanding their platform. It's the same as a business proposal. You should have everything mapped out to assure that you're worth the representation and investment.”

In association with PatchWerk Studios, Atlanta’s premiere recording facility, I dO Music is an outlet for up and coming musicians, producers, songwriters, managers and anyone who is involved in the music business. As stated on their Facebook page:

“Their goal is to position I dO Music! as a resource like none other...a resource that connects YOU (the musician) to EVERYTHING & EVERYONE that can be an asset to you in your music career.”

If you want to network and mingle with industry insiders and the best talent in the Atlanta, I dO Music hosts an ongoing event at Apache Café every 1st Thursday of the month respectively called, I dO Music. This Thursday, March 5th, through Sunday, March 8th,  PatchWerk Studios will host “Music University 6” at their recording facility. Below is a video from an I dO Music event, which took place last July.


Stacy Epps “The Awakening”

I was first introduced to Stacy Epps on Click Groove, the home of broken beat, future boogie, deep & soulful House and all that jazz, and I was fascinated by her song “Floatin”. I immediately added the song to my “wish list” for future purchase. A couple of months later I joined an online social networking group, Soul Commune, which is a community for lovers of soulful music. I setup my page and began befriending people in the Atlanta area. I stumbled upon Stacy’s page and didn’t recognize her at first. I saw that she was an artist and click a link to listen to her songs on MySpace. As the page loads, I hear the opening to the song “Floatin”. My first thoughts were, “I heard this before; but where?” I finally realized this is the same artist who I added to my “wish list” a couple of months prior on Click Groove. I chose Stacy Epps for the Music Artist’s section because I feel that her soulful and timeless voice; powerful messages of divine love, peace and happiness; and her ability to skillfully transition from singer to rapper is phenomenal. Below are what others are saying about Stacy Epps and her music.  

“She refuses to compromise her ideals to progress professionally. Stacy Epps represents her sistas well by reminding them of their natural glow, encouraging them to love one another, and to support their brothas in the struggle for wealth of character.”

“The spiritual essences of Alice Coltrane, mixed with the abstraction of Bjork, the spaciness of Radiohead and the drums of J-Dilla, her musical menagerie is packed with influences as diverse as her heritage.”

“With the mind to interpret, the heart to heal, and a culture to express, Stacy Epps is among the day’s brightest young innovators.”

Below is “Floatin” on YouTube

Click Here To Listen to the Full Album “The Awakening”


Jaspects “Double Consciousness”

I was first introduced to the group Jaspects, a sextuplet jazz group, a couple of months ago. I had just moved back to Atlanta from New York and I was searching to see what artists were making an impact on the music scene. In the midst of searching through endless profiles on MySpace, I stumbled upon their site. THROW YOUR J’S UP! The opening to their song, “Unifunk”, instantly caught my attention because it reminded me of the ending to the theme song for WKRP in Cincinnati. The fusion of hard hitting drums, futuristic instrumentation and fine auto tuning, the song catapulted me into a state of pure bliss. I chose Jaspects for the Music Artist’s section because they are a group that knows no boundaries when it comes to music. Their willingness to revitalize and fuse different genres of music with jazz despite the criticism from the jazz community, speaks volumes. Below are what others are saying about Jaspects.

“Jaspects’ goal is to produce an exhaustive musical experience that involves TRUE freedom of expression via musical and lyrical creativity.”

“…the "gateway drug" that will inevitably lead to a deeper appreciation for traditional jazz.”

“The band promotes the idea that the culture of hip-hop can support an entity that focuses on musical depth without ostracizing the mainstream fan of hip-hop.”

Below is “Unifunk” on YouTube.

Click Here To Listen to the Full Album “Double Consciousness”


iRule Atlanta