My mother once asked me, "Do you know what the saddest thing would be?" And of course I said, "No." And she answered, "The saddest thing would be if the world never got a chance to hear you or see you perform." I weeped like a baby and vowed to never forget her words.

When you think of progressive artists in the music industry very few names come to mind. When I use the word “progressive”, I’m not speaking of success measured in album sales or money. I’m speaking about artists who evolve musically and are able to find balance with their music, blend it in with the times, and set new trends and standards for the industry, while making music for the love of the art. Aside from well known acts or geniuses, do you know of any new and/or local artists of that stature? Red Maiden, one of Atlanta’s rare gems in the music community, fills that void as she breathes new life into a dying culture. What makes her unique? The chemistry between the music, the depth and content of her words and her delivery is what I identified with when I listened to her songs. After listening to a decade worth of material from Red Maiden, I was left in awe for the simple fact that she has stood the test of time to deliver powerful and thought provoking music. The new songs from her soon to be released debut album prove that she is not afraid to experiment with different sounds and explore new heights. Her ability to skillfully transition between rapping, singing, and producing is also much needed in today’s one dimensional music market. If diversity is the key to the future, Red Maiden is in the process of unlocking the wisdom, strength, beauty and magic our past ancestors represented. If you want to hear music from Red Maiden, check her out on MySpace and/or Soul Commune.  To hear her latest track “Last Words”, check her out on iRule Atlanta Radio (Music Mix #1). Below is an interview with Red Maiden.

What is the meaning behind the name Red Maiden?
Red stands for the bloodline and bloodshed of our ancestors so their lives will not be lost in vain.
Maiden brings awareness to all living things to show there is not one cloud without a raindrop.

Who is Red Maiden?
Red Maiden is a genius Songwriter and Performing Artist who loves to share her world wide perspectives on stage and film.
Red Maiden is a World Phenomenon.

When did you start writing music?
I started writing and arranging music at the innocent age of 10. My first performance was at the tender age of 5 - my Auntie wrote my songs.

First song lyrics:Please slow the beat a bit for these words I have to say
Are words of wisdom
Are words of wit
That just might make your day
Being a young black woman you see, I'm very proud to be
I wouldn't change it if I had my say
I wouldn't change it any other way
Attributes of Chisolm in me
Some Giovonni too
Pitman, Tubman, Bethune you see
I can be anything I desire to be
This fact I know so well
If I believe
Conceive it
I surely will receive it
There's nothing I can't do
And if it is to be, it is up to me
It is truly up to me
You can't just have a dream
But you must work your dream
And it will work for you

And my little self rocked stages with this particular song/rap - Real talk! :) I can't believe I still remember it. LOL!

Who have been your influences (musical or non musical)?
My initial and closest influences in my musical career has been my Auntie Oogie and my mother. They formed a gospel group called, "Harmonies of Coy" - Named after my Great-Grandaddy Coy Wolf.

Signed Artists who I listen/ed to over and over again are:
Michael Jackson, Prince, Eric B and Rakim, Tupac, Sade, Whitney Houston, OutKast, Jill Scott, Pointer Sisters, Mother's Finest, Stevie Wonder, Mahalia, Nina Simone, Billy Holliday, Phyllis Hyman, Nirvana, Counting Crows, Fugees/L Boogie, Portis Head, Bjork, Digital Underground, Left Eye - Supernova, Eryka Badu and Talib Kweli.

My father calls me "The Torch of Sade" 

What inspires you to write?
I get this feeling like you know when your sleepy or hungry - I know when it is time to write. It's difficult to explain because it is such a natural feeling. 
What sets you apart from other artists?
I don't know how stars can compare themselves to other stars in galaxies, but the Sun is the largest star in our galaxy. So since I am not the largest star and don't have an answer to how stars compare themselves, I will have to say there is just something about me that shines so bright inside of me that I illuminate it's greatness. Therefore, I am only greater than those who have not recognized their own greatness

What other ventures do you involve yourself with other than music?
Periodically, I am invited to speak in front of high risk young adults about the importance of tapping into self and making choices. Between time, public schools and private organizations contract me to teach song writing techniques to their students. Most of the time, I make films, edit, and score them.

How are you helping to preserve the future of music?
I make music that specifically preserves the future of music. So I make sure my music does not leave anyone out. If there is something good to say, then there is something bad to say. I believe musical works/songs should promote balance. It is not fair to leave a listener trapped in an emotion. I believe a song should devote itself to relating and liberating the listener at all times. That way, the next songs to come have room to evolve.  
What are your thoughts about the Atlanta music community?
I think the Atlanta Music Community is very influential on all cultures around the world. ATL is where trendsetting is born. So if the ATL Music Community makes selling drugs, pimping, killing, getting high and stripping a trend, then the world will reflect its trend. If the ATL Music Community makes peace, love, and black economics a trend, then the world will reflect its trend as well. Therefore I believe the ATL Music Community has to be careful with how they use their power. For the most part, ATL is filled with so much talent and I have learned from soo many of them. I have nothing but love to give to the ATL Music Community.
When can we expect the release of your debut album?
The new album will be complete by Jan 1st. The listening party will be at Moods Music in Little 5 Points. I didn't want to rush my product because there is a lot of blood, sweat and tears in this project. Since this is my shot to be seen and heard, I want to prepared for that specific moment. 60% of this project is considered done. This project is going to be something really special.

My mother once asked me, "Do you know what the saddest thing would be?" And of course I said, "No." And she answered, "The saddest thing would be if the world never got a chance to hear you or see you perform." I weeped like a baby and vowed to never forget her words.

Listen to Red Maiden's, “Rom Confide” 


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